“Homeless Adventures”

Tyler Jackson has a heart for the homeless. He gives up his time and money to love and cater to these people who most assume are not worthy of anyone’s time. I had the pleasure of going on what Tyler calls, “Homeless Adventures” and I really was surprised by some of the people I met.
The first man we met was Danny, his background as to how he became homeless is not known, but Tyler said that he is on the sex offender list because of an incident that happened a long time ago when he was 17 years old. Danny was very skeptical when it came to the camera, he did not speak to me at all and I could tell he did not enjoy having his picture taken.
A week later, Tyler introduced me to Ms. Nora. She is a very kind, older woman, and she lives in the woods. She also did not like her picture being taken, but she told me first hand this information. I was fortunate to get a few photos of her because she is very shy around the camera and became quite nervous. Ms. Nora would never tell as to how she became homeless.
The last person I was introduced to was Ken; he was homeless, but was able to receive a grant and get on disability to get an apartment, where he now lives. Ken’s story is that he is from Chicago and came down to New Orleans. Ken got caught up in drugs, but it is unclear how he became homeless. Currently he collects clothing items, blankets, etc. for the homeless, and Tyler distributes them.

Tyler Jackson orders breakfast from McDonalds for Danny, who is waiting for him in the WalMart parking lot, on Sunday, November 21.
Danny holds his warm breakfast on a cold November morning as he asks Tyler if he knows where he can get a new jacket for the upcoming cold weather.
Tyler Jackson finds an opening in the woods where a homeless camp used to be, on Sunday, November 28.
Further into the woods, remnants of clothing are found on tree limbs at the spot of an abandoned homeless camp.
Ms. Nora peeks into Tyler Jackson’s car trunk to see what kind of food and clothing he has available for her.
Ken and Tyler discuss the homeless community of Hattiesburg, Ms as Ken sorts through clothing donations.
A clock displaying the miracles of Jesus hangs on the wall in Ken’s apartment. Ken is a Christian and frequently speaks at churches about his past as a homeless man.
Ken and Tyler gather up all of the donations. Tyler will distribute these donations when he goes out on Sunday mornings to visit the homeless.
Ken and Tyler look upon the Burger King menu board as Ken orders multiple orders of food, which will be his dinner for the next few nights.

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